Small Concession Trailers: The Perfect Fit for Your Food Truck Business

‍Small Concession Trailers Photo by naobim on Pixabay

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Why You Should Consider a Small Concession Trailer
  3. The Benefits of Small Concession Trailers
    • Customization Options
    • Small Concession Trailer Options
  4. Roundtop Trailers
    • Roundtop vs. Roundtop Pro
  5. Box Trailers
  6. Small Concession Trailer Designs and Specifications
    • Included Features
    • Standard Upgrade Kit
    • Small Vending Trailer Design
    • Service and Installation
    • Small Food Trailer Plans
  7. The Importance of Braked Trailers
    • Braked vs. Unbraked Trailers
  8. Can Small Food Trailers Be Profitable?
  9. Licensing Requirements for Small Trailers
  10. Choosing the Right Supplier
  11. Repair and Maintenance
  12. Conclusion

1. Introduction

Are you considering starting a food truck business but find the cost and size of a regular trailer overwhelming? Look no further! Small concession trailers might just be the perfect fit for you. In this article, we will explore the benefits of choosing a small concession trailer for your food truck business and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

2. Why You Should Consider a Small Concession Trailer

When comparing the cost and setup of a small food truck trailer to alternatives like tents or stalls, the minor risk involved is well worth the extra comfort and options it provides. Not only does a small concession trailer offer convenience, but it also allows you to start your food truck journey sooner. With the ability to customize various options, including color and print designs, small concession trailers offer the perfect combination of cuteness, convenience, and affordability.

3. The Benefits of Small Concession Trailers

Customization Options

One of the major advantages of small concession trailers is the ability to customize them according to your preferences. These trailers are available in any RAL color or as a fully stainless steel version. You can even have them custom wrapped with any color or print design you can think of. This level of customization allows you to create a unique and eye-catching food trailer that aligns with your brand.

Small Concession Trailer Options

There are two primary types of small concession trailers: Roundtop and Box trailers.

Roundtop Trailers

Roundtop trailers have gained popularity in recent years due to their unique and cute design. These trailers are available in various sizes, starting from 7’3″ (2.2m) and stretching up to a modest 9’2″ (2.8m). A Roundtop trailer is not only budget-friendly but also highly versatile, making it suitable for a wide range of food products, from french fries to coffee, ice cream, or Mexican food. You can even use a Roundtop trailer as a small vending trailer for non-food items.

Roundtop vs. Roundtop Pro

While a regular Roundtop trailer is a great low-cost choice, for those willing to invest a little extra, the Roundtop Pro model offers even more value. The Roundtop Pro features a stainless steel reinforced frame that enhances the trailer’s durability, making it better equipped to handle the rigors of the road. Additionally, the stainless steel frame adds a touch of aesthetic appeal, demonstrating your commitment to quality.

Box Trailers

Box trailers, resembling traditional concession trailers, are also available in smaller sizes. These trailers are a popular option in the United States and are also available to customers in the European Union. Starting at 9 feet, small box concession trailers can be customized according to your specifications, including color, size, and additional features. If you require a larger trailer, Karpatia can build custom concession trailers up to 50 feet long, complete with an optional porch for BBQ.

4. Small Concession Trailer Designs and Specifications

When you choose a small food truck trailer from Karpatia, you can expect a range of features and services to ensure your trailer meets all necessary requirements and standards.

Included Features

All small food truck trailers are constructed with a custom-built steel chassis and come with a CE certified Certificate of Conformity (EU) or a clean title and DOT compliance (USA). The electrical work is done locally and up to code, making the trailers fully compliant for all US and EU states. In addition to the standard features, Karpatia provides 2D and 3D designs of your trailer, a floor plan, an inventory list, and a free quote.

Standard Upgrade Kit

For a modest additional cost, Karpatia offers a standard upgrade kit that includes popular outfitting options. This kit includes a stainless steel frontside workbench with underbench storage, a stainless steel full-width rear workbench with underbench storage, a 3-sink system with clean and gray water tanks sized to county requirements, a diamondplate aluminum anti-slip floor, a floor drain, and LED main lighting.

Small Vending Trailer Design

Karpatia works closely with customers to design the perfect small food truck trailer according to their style and budget. Every detail on the inside can be customized and made to measure, ensuring that the trailer meets your exact requirements. Whether you prefer an empty shell trailer or want Karpatia to handle the purchasing and installation of equipment, they can accommodate your needs. Additionally, Karpatia can assist with designing your logo, brand style, and color wrapping for the trailer.

Service and Installation

Karpatia provides installation services for all equipment, even if it was not purchased from them. Their commitment to customer service extends beyond the initial purchase, as they offer after-service, repairs, and maintenance. If your trailer requires repairs, Karpatia can fix it at their locations in Brussels/Rotterdam, Budapest/Lviv, or Houston, Texas. In some cases, it may be more cost-effective to order a new trailer from Karpatia than to repair an old unit, especially if you are located far from their service centers.

Small Food Trailer Plans

During the design stage, Karpatia creates straightforward 2D (and occasionally 3D) plans for your small food truck trailer build. These plans serve as a visual representation of the final product and provide a blueprint for the construction process. In addition to the custom plans, Karpatia also offers pre-configured floor plans suitable for specific food truck concepts, such as coffee trailers or trailers for selling fries or ice cream.

5. The Importance of Braked Trailers

When considering a small food trailer, it’s essential to understand the importance of braked trailers. Braked trailers allow for heavier loads and are often required by law in certain jurisdictions. In the European Union, trailers weighing over 750kg must be braked, while the requirements in the United States vary from state to state. For example, Arkansas has a minimum weight threshold of 1500lbs for requiring independent brake systems on trailers.

Braked vs. Unbraked Trailers

While it may seem unnecessary to have a braked trailer if you are operating in a state with a high weight threshold, there are still benefits to choosing a braked trailer. Towing a braked trailer provides additional safety and control, especially when traveling through hilly or mountainous areas or navigating bends in the road. Braked trailers offer better braking performance, allowing for easier slowing down and parking. Karpatia includes a braked system for any trailer over 1500lbs to ensure customer satisfaction and compliance with varying state regulations.

6. Can Small Food Trailers Be Profitable?

One of the most common questions aspiring food truck owners have is whether small food trailers can be profitable. The answer is a resounding yes! While the initial expenditure for a small food trailer is lower than that of a larger trailer, it still allows for a profitable business. The reduced investment means a faster return on cash, allowing entrepreneurs to start earning profits sooner. With the right marketing, menu, and location, a small food trailer can be a successful venture.

7. Licensing Requirements for Small Trailers

Operating a small food trailer requires understanding and complying with licensing requirements. In most cases, a regular driver’s license is sufficient to drive a small trailer. However, some jurisdictions may require a commercial driver’s license if the trailer exceeds certain weight limits. It is important to research and understand the specific licensing requirements in your area to ensure compliance.

8. Choosing the Right Supplier

When purchasing a small concession trailer, it is crucial to choose a reliable and reputable supplier. While there may be cheaper options available, it is important to consider the quality and reliability of the trailer. Many Chinese suppliers and dropshippers make outlandish claims or provide subpar products. Karpatia, on the other hand, offers high-quality trailers with warranty and excellent customer service. Take the time to compare quotes and ask questions to ensure you are making an informed decision.

9. Repair and Maintenance

Like any other vehicle or equipment, small food trailers require regular maintenance and occasional repairs. Karpatia provides after-service, repairs, and maintenance for their trailers. If your trailer requires repairs, their service centers can handle the necessary fixes. Whether you need warranty-covered repairs or maintenance outside the warranty period, Karpatia offers competitive pricing and ensures that your trailer remains in optimal condition.

10. Conclusion

In conclusion, small concession trailers are an excellent choice for entrepreneurs looking to start a food truck business. With their customization options, versatility, and affordability, these trailers provide a practical and profitable solution. Whether you opt for a Roundtop or Box trailer, Karpatia offers a range of options to suit your needs. Additionally, they provide top-notch service, including installation, repairs, and maintenance. By choosing a small food trailer from a reliable supplier like Karpatia, you can embark on your food truck journey with confidence.

So why wait? Get started on your custom trailer today by requesting a free quote from Karpatia.