Can You Install a Bedroom in a Food Truck or Concession Trailer?

‍ Bedroom in a Food Truck or Concession Trailer Image Source: FreeImages

Food trucks and concession trailers have become popular options for entrepreneurs looking to start their own mobile businesses. These vehicles offer flexibility and the opportunity to bring delicious food to different locations and events. But what if you want to take it a step further and make your mobile business even more comfortable? Can you install a bedroom in a food truck or concession trailer? In this article, we will explore this question and provide insights into the feasibility and considerations of adding a bedroom to your mobile unit.

Understanding the Feasibility

When it comes to installing a bedroom in a food truck or concession trailer, the feasibility largely depends on the plumbing and electrical systems of the vehicle. The good news is that food trucks often share similarities with RVs in terms of these systems. This means that from a build standpoint, incorporating a comfortable bedroom and functional bathroom is relatively simple.

Adding a bedroom to your mobile unit can offer numerous benefits. For instance, if you plan to travel to different events throughout the summer or participate in competitive circuits, having a place to rest within the trailer can save you significant travel expenses, as you won’t need to book hotel rooms. Additionally, a bedroom can make your concession trailer more comfortable to operate, especially if you’re spending long hours on the road.

Design Considerations

When designing a concession trailer with a bedroom, it’s crucial to ensure a clear separation between the rest and work areas. This separation is important to comply with health regulations and maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the food preparation and serving areas. Therefore, it’s necessary to have a separate entrance for the bedroom, distinct from the kitchen area.

To illustrate a practical example, let’s consider a concession trailer with a 6′ x 8′ bedroom located at the front of the unit. This bedroom has direct access to a bathroom equipped with a wall hand sink, similar to what you would find in an RV. The layout of the concession trailer should be carefully designed to accommodate both the kitchen and bedroom areas efficiently.

Space Considerations

The decision to install a bedroom in your concession trailer ultimately depends on your personal preferences and needs. Space is a crucial factor to consider, as even 20-foot trailers have limitations. Every foot dedicated to the bedroom means less space available for the mobile kitchen.

If you plan to offer an extensive menu with over 10 items or have four or more individuals working on the trailer simultaneously, it may be wise to forego the bedroom. However, if your menu is efficient and you only have two employees operating at a time, a bedroom and bathroom can be a viable option. It’s essential to strike a balance between the space required for cooking and serving food efficiently and the desire for a comfortable resting area.

Alternative Options

While adding a bedroom to a food truck or concession trailer is feasible, it’s worth noting that certain vehicles may not be suitable for this modification. For example, Sprinter vans or other transit vans may not have sufficient space to accommodate a bedroom while still meeting health inspection standards. However, it is possible to install a bathroom in these types of vehicles, which can still provide some level of convenience.


In conclusion, installing a bedroom in a food truck or concession trailer is indeed possible and can offer various benefits for mobile business owners. By carefully considering the feasibility, design considerations, and space limitations, entrepreneurs can create a comfortable and efficient mobile unit that meets their specific needs. Whether you’re planning to travel to different events or simply desire a more comfortable workspace, a concession trailer with a bedroom can be a valuable investment.

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Remember, the key to success in the food truck and concession trailer industry lies in providing a memorable experience for your customers. By incorporating a bedroom into your mobile unit, you not only enhance your own comfort but also demonstrate a commitment to excellence and professionalism in your business operations. So, why settle for a standard setup when you can elevate your mobile business with the addition of a bedroom?