The Ultimate Guide to 20 ft Gatormade Trailers


20 ft Gatormade Trailers When it comes to finding a reliable and durable trailer, the 20 ft Gatormade trailer stands out from the rest. Designed to outperform and outlast all others, these trailers are perfect for a range of applications. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the features, uses, advantages, and recommendations for the 20 ft Gatormade trailer. Whether you need to transport equipment, vehicles, or other heavy loads, this versatile trailer is sure to meet your needs.

Features and Specifications

The 20 ft Gatormade trailer is built to handle heavy-duty tasks. Here are some of its key features and specifications:

  • Length: 20 ft or 240.00″
  • Width: 6′ 10″ or 82.00″
  • Weight: 2500 lbs
  • GVWR: 10400 lbs
  • Payload Capacity: 7900 lbs
  • Color: Black

Uses of the 20 ft Gatormade Trailer

The 20 ft Gatormade trailer is incredibly versatile and can be used for various purposes. Here are some common uses for this trailer:

  1. Equipment Hauling: With a payload capacity of 7900 lbs, this trailer is ideal for transporting heavy equipment such as Polaris R2R side by sides, Exmark zero turn lawn mowers, Honda ATVs, and more.
  2. Vehicle Transportation: The sturdy construction of the Gatormade trailer makes it perfect for hauling vehicles like Kawasaki ATVs, John Deere Gators, Yamaha Rhinos, and Kubota Side by sides.
  3. Lawn Care and Landscaping: Professional lawn care companies can rely on the Gatormade trailer to transport zero-turn mowers, Grass Hopper Mowers, Cub Cadet mowers, and John Deere mowers with ease.
  4. Off-Road Adventures: If you are an outdoor enthusiast, this trailer allows you to take your side by side vehicles, ATVs, and other off-road vehicles to your favorite destinations.

Advantages of the 20 ft Gatormade Trailer

The 20 ft Gatormade trailer offers several advantages that make it a top choice for individuals and businesses. Here are some key benefits:

  1. Extended Length: The 20 ft length of this trailer provides ample space to accommodate longer side by sides, lawn mowers, and other equipment, making it ideal for those who require more length than a standard 16 ft trailer.
  2. Rugged Construction: This trailer is designed to withstand heavy loads and rough terrains. With features like a treated wood floor, powder-coated finish, and durable components, the Gatormade trailer ensures long-lasting performance.
  3. Convenient Loading and Unloading: The 5′ stand-up ramps and the absence of a dove tail allow for easy loading and unloading of equipment, saving you time and effort.
  4. Safety and Visibility: The Gatormade trailer is equipped with all-LED lights, ensuring maximum visibility and safety on the road. Additionally, the wiring is sealed in channels to protect it from exposure and potential damage.

Recommendations and Additional Options

In addition to the 20 ft Gatormade trailer, there are other options available to suit your specific needs. Here are some recommendations and additional options:

  • 2024 Gatormade Trailers 25 20+5 tandem dual gooseneck with big Goliath ramps: This trailer offers a gooseneck design, making it perfect for heavy-duty transportation needs.
  • 2023 Other 25ft 7Ton Deckover Gooseneck Equipment Trailer: If you require a deckover trailer, this option provides ample space and a high weight capacity for your equipment.
  • 2023 Sure-Trac 102×22 15K Bumper/Pintle Hydraulic Tilt Deckover Equipment Trailer: For those who need a tilt deckover trailer, this Sure-Trac model offers convenience and efficiency.


When it comes to finding a durable and reliable trailer, the 20 ft Gatormade trailer is a top choice. Its rugged construction, extended length, and versatile uses make it ideal for a range of applications. Whether you need to transport equipment, vehicles, or other heavy loads, the Gatormade trailer will exceed your expectations. Consider the recommendations and additional options mentioned in this guide to find the perfect trailer for your needs. Invest in a 20 ft Gatormade trailer and experience the difference it can make for your hauling needs.

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