food trailers for sale in Oregon

Selling our food trailer we recently bought from Vimar Trailers, we where to start up a business here in Washington but had some family issues so my husband and I come in to a conclusion that we should sell it.

We are giving it out for $20,900 message me if interested.

food trailers for sale in Oregon Willing to deliver all USA, UK, Canada and Australia, selling locally. Message me for and invoice with all the details and documents of the trailer. Thanks

I can finance as well with a down payment of $1000 down payment and a monthly payment of $400-800 for 5 years within the 5 years if you’re not able to pay and interest rate of 10% will be added, but if you can pay within the 5 years no interest rate.


Contact (541)303 0206

Whatsapp: +44 7492884977 or (541)303 0206




food trailers for sale in Oregon